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It’s fall and soon the whine of chainsaws will fill the air as damaged and dead trees in the Dame Shirley Plaza in Quincy will be trimmed or removed. Photo by Victoria Metcalf

Dame Shirley Plaza tree work set for Dec. 10

Damaged, dead and brittle trees will be trimmed and removed Dec. 10 from the Dame Shirley Plaza in Quincy, Facilities Services Director Kevin Correira announced recently.

During a public meeting held back in May at the Plumas County Planning and Building Department, some residents were appalled that some shade trees were in jeopardy, while others understood the safety need for the proposed project.

Earlier in the spring at least one large limb of one of the shade trees came crashing down in the plaza. This alerted Correira and his team at Facilities Services and Plumas County Administrator Gabriel Hydrick that public safety was once again a concern.

Dead and dying trees, as well as those in need of a major trim — predominately elms — will be dealt with in December.

Plans are also moving forward about what type of replacement trees will eventually be planted.

One landscaper’s rendering of what could be replanted in the plaza showed a predominance of evergreen trees.

But at that May public meeting, some members of the public rejected those kinds of trees. Those who spoke up favored replacing the elms with another kind of shade tree in order to maintain the fall glory captured within the Dame Shirley Plaza.

“I have a list of trees that would be appropriate for the site,” Hydrick said. “It was provided by an arborist out of Reno.”

The selection has not been before the Design Review Committee, Hydrick added.

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