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Yes, that's blue sky overhead (something Quincy residents haven't seen in a while) as debris removal is underway Sept. 9 on the site of the Main Street fire, which broke out July 29. Photo by Debra Moore

Debris from July 29 fire being removed

Debris removal is underway on Main Street in Quincy — a welcome sight after weeks of seeing towering piles of charred metal, wood and equipment.

A fire broke out in a trailer behind the Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center  at about 12:45 p.m. on July 29.  It quickly spread to the recently remodeled center and other structures. The trailer was destroyed, as was the crisis center and several other buildings including one that housed the brewery operations for Quintopia and the site that held all of the props and costumes for the West End Theatre and dramaworks.

Fire crews from throughout the county responded to the scene, as did the U.S. Forest Service, to help Quincy Fire battle the blaze. It forced evacuations and road closures around the block, located just west of the courthouse.



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