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Dec. 18: Plumas reports 8 coronavirus cases; vaccine expected to arrive Monday

Finally a day without double digit cases being reported; however the total number now exceeds 400. The Plumas County Public Health Agency announced this evening, Dec. 18, that there are 8 additional coronavirus cases. Today’s case count follows 19 last Friday, 12 over the weekend, 13 on Monday, 11 on Tuesday, 14 on Wednesday, and 12 on Thursday. Following is today’s breakdown:

Two residents from the Western Region (Chester/Lake Almanor)

One resident from the Northern Region (Greenville/Indian Valley)

Five residents from the Southern Region (Quincy/American Valley)

If an exposed resident is identified during the investigation, the resident will be contacted by a member of the Public Health COVID-19 Response Team for further screening.

The current total is 405 positive tests results; with 82 active cases. There have been 13 hospitalizations related to COVID with three individuals in the hospital currently, and one death.

But help is on the way. Public Health Director Andrew Woodruff announced that staff members would be driving to Redding on Monday to pick up the county’s allocation of the Pfizer vaccine. It’s expected that staff will stop in Chester to distribute the Seneca Healthcare District’s portion and then on to Quincy. JoDee Read, the chief executive officer for Plumas District Hospital, said that the first doses are expected to go to Public Health Officer Dr. Mark Satterfield and Dr. Jeff Kepple. Read said that the vaccinations will be aired on Facebook. More details to follow.

Plumas News is interested in talking to anyone who has/had coronavirus and is willing to share their experience. They can remain anonymous if desired. Contact Debra Moore at [email protected].










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