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Demo to begin on First and Main corner destroyed by fire

Work is expected to get underway next week to remove the debris associated with the fire that devastated the corner of East Main and First Street in Quincy earlier this year. The Feb. 12 fire destroyed two homes and an apartment building, resulting in the death of a mother and daughter, and leaving 14 others without a home.

Many area residents have asked when the debris would be removed as the charred remains of the structures remain on the lot. Plumas County Building Official Chuck White announced today that the insurance company for the property has awarded a contract to a demolition company. Before demo could begin, an asbestos report needed to be completed and that paperwork was filed today.

According to White, the asbestos was determined to be of the non-friable type, “so it’s not the type that can become easily airborne without agitation” such as with cutting or grinding. “Unless people breach the fencing and abrade any of the materials it poses an extremely low hazard,” White said.

The work will begin with the demolition company disconnecting the utilities, which includes moving the propane tanks to the propane service provider’s lot.

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