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Development Review Committee composition revised

The Plumas County Development Review Committee is beginning once again.

Members of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors approved a request from Public Works Director Bob Perreault at the June 18 meeting.

The primary purpose of the DRC is to serve as an informal forum among departments and offices serving Plumas County, according to Perreault.

“The DRC is not an advisory committee to the Board of Supervisors — as such, the committee is not subject to the requirements of the Brown Act,” he explained.

The DRC is designed to bring enhanced communication among all county departments. It also works with development-related applicants and various regulatory bodies in the county, he continued to explain. The work with the DRC is intended to ultimately benefit the public.

Public Works is traditionally the lead agency on the DRC, Perreault said. Last year during his leave of absence things went by the wayside. Now it’s time to continue with the original plan.

In background material, Perreault said that currently the composition of the DRC included the director of public works, the planning director, director of environmental health, facility services director, the building official and county counsel.

“Due to recent revisions to the structure of Plumas County government there is a recognition that the DRC would function more effectively if the composition of the DRC is revised,” he said.

Perreault said that in order to bring this about he’s met with Supervisor Jeff Engel, County Administrator Gabriel Hydrick and County Counsel Craig Settlemire.

Perreault proposed that the newly revised DRC include all of the before mentioned directors with the elimination of the county counsel, and the addition of the county administrator and a supervisor.

Perreault recommended that Jim Graham from public works represent that agency at the DRC.

Supervisor Sherrie Thrall said that she strongly disagreed that one supervisor be named to the committee. She didn’t want to see one Supervisor responsible for developing projects in other Supervisor’s districts. “Whatever district the project is in that Supervisor is invited to it,” she said.

Supervisor Michael Sanchez said that Graham would need to notify supervisors about projects occurring in each district.

“Who’s going to trigger these meetings,” Supervisor Lori Simpson asked.

Perreault said they would be held on a monthly basis.

Simpson also said, “Personally I would like to see every agenda. I want to see what’s going on all over this wonderful county.”

Perreault indicated this was possible.

“Odds are we’ll know about the project before it even comes to our district,” said Supervisor Kevin Goss.

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