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District 1 supervisor resigns

District 1 Supervisor Michael Sanchez is approximately halfway through his first term when he told fellow supervisors he was resigning due to health reasons. File photo

Supervisor Sherrie Thrall announced she was stunned that Supervisor Michael Sanchez is resigning.

It was just as Sanchez was beginning to call on individual supervisors to share their activities and committee reports that Thrall made the announcement.

Although most people in the supervisors’ room had completed their business with the board and left, those remaining seemed as stunned by the news as Thrall.

Sanchez’s position will be filled by an appointment by Gov. Gavin Newsom, according to Plumas County Clerk Kathy Williams.

District Two Supervisor Kevin Goss as the vice-chairperson to the board will fill Sanchez’s position as chairperson.

Just that morning, Tuesday, July 2, Thrall said that she and other supervisors received a letter from Sanchez stating his intensions. “I am tendering my resignation as Supervisor District 1 effective July 31,” Sanchez told supervisors in his letter.

Sanchez explained that he and his wife sold their Lake Davis area home and anticipated a 30-day escrow.

“Due to personal concerns, it is in my best interest to transition to Reno as soon as we vacate our home,” he said in the letter. “I will need close proximity to the VA (veterans administration) Medical Center to proactively assess my health and access the diagnostic and continuum of care that will be needed in the upcoming months,” he said.

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