District Attorney Hollister to seek fourth term

Earlier today, Jan. 12, Plumas County Sheriff Todd Johns announced that he wants to retain his position and would be running in the June 7 Primary. This evening, District Attorney David Hollister released a statement:

     DA David Hollister

I am excited to announce my candidacy for re-election to serve a 4th term as the District Attorney of Plumas County. I very much appreciate the support from the public I have received these past three terms in helping to make Plumas County a safe and just place to live, work and play.

It has been an honor to serve with the talented and hard-working staff we have at the DA’s office and with our many outstanding partners in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. We have a great team which does excellent work. I am immensely proud of our record in vigorously and compassionately pursuing justice each day – demonstrated by our strong record in serious and violent crimes as well as the fact not one of our convictions has been reversed in my eleven years as the elected district attorney.

Despite these successes, there is more we can do. In the coming years it is imperative we solidify our staffing to be able to continue to aggressively and justly prosecute the most serious of crimes, expand our award-winning Alternative Sentencing Program to meet the changing criminal justice landscape with accountability and results, and to increase our attention to, and integration of, victim services.


After three terms as Plumas County’s DA and 29 years as a prosecutor, I find myself in my professional prime and at the intersection of experience and energy. If given the opportunity to serve a 4th term as District Attorney, it would be an honor to put these traits to work and continue building an office of which Plumas County may rightfully be proud.

Respectfully yours,

David Hollister