District attorney honors employees with Public Service Award

The Plumas County District Attorney’s office announced Plumas County Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Vickrey and Alternative Sentencing Manager Stephanie Tanaka are the inaugural recipients of the Plumas County District Attorney Public Service Award.

The DA Public Service award will be announced at the first Board of Supervisors meeting each month and will honor one or more public employees for their efforts in providing outstanding service. Plumas County is a remarkable place to live, work and play, albeit with some challenges, said Hollister.

“Often the public’s attention is focused on what is wrong with local government or on government workers who seem to be getting away with something. This Public Service award recognizes those who use their strength, courage and ingenuity to do what is right for the sake of doing what is right and providing the residents of Plumas County  with the highest level of service,” Hollister added.

Hollister provided the following summaries as to why Vickrey and Tanaka were selected for their awards.

Deputy Jacob Vickrey

Plumas County Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Vickrey. Photos submitted

In early October, Plumas County Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Vickrey responded to a call in downtown Quincy, which began as a domestic violence assault and led to the suspect chasing the victim around town. Upon arrival, Vickrey and fellow officers found themselves in a standoff with the suspect inside a residence, having armed himself.

The suspect made numerous threats and aggressive acts toward law enforcement, including threatening them with a knife and a chainsaw. During this violent and tense encounter, all law enforcement officers, Sheriff’s Deputies and CHP officers alike, demonstrated an incredible level of professionalism.

Understanding the encounter was quickly escalating to a point where the suspect or an officer would be harmed, and while the suspect was focused on another deputy, Vickrey doubled behind the suspect, waited for an opportunity, then charged the suspect — tackling him from behind and taking him into custody. Vickrey’s courage, ingenuity and dedication to the safety of the public helped bring a dangerous and potentially deadly encounter to a peaceful conclusion. For this the Plumas County District Attorney’s Office is proud to present Deputy Jacob Vickrey with a Public Service Award.

Alternative Sentencing Manager Stephanie Tanaka


Tanaka has served as the Alternative Sentencing manager from 2012 to present, engineering numerous successful programs during that time.

Plumas County Alternative Sentencing Manager Stephanie Tanaka.

Recently, Tanaka was tasked with creating a pretrial release program. In a county where many governmental departments have laid claim to areas within the criminal justice system as their own, change and new programs can present a unique set of challenges.

Rather than being dissuaded, Stephanie set her jaw, rolled up her sleeves and set to work creating this new program. Working in partnership with the court and Sheriff’s Office, Tanaka served as the architect of a pretrial release program designed to protect the public, lower recidivism, address addiction and lessen the impact on the court and jail.

As an indication Plumas County is on the right track, the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court’s Pretrial Detention Reform Working Group recently released its 10 recommendations for the ideal pretrial release program to the Governor — all of which are currently in place in Plumas County due to Tanaka’s excellent work.

For her determination, creativity and hard work, the Plumas County District Attorney’s Office presented Tanaka with a Public Service Award.