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Donation brings life-saving device to Lakeshore

The Quincy Heartsafe Community recently placed an AED at Lakeshore Resort. From left: Darren Beatty, Sam Blesse, Zoella Stancer and Dewitt Henderson pose with the lifesaving device at lakeshore Resort. Photo submitted

Because of a donation from the Plumas District Hospital Foundation, the Quincy Heartsafe Community placed an AED, or automated external defibrillator, at Lakeshore Resort at Bucks Lake. Quincy Heartsafe was able to purchase an AED as well as purchase replacement supplies to keep the current inventory of AEDs in service.

Having AEDs in the more remote areas of Plumas County is very important due to the potentially long response times for emergency responders. 

Quincy Heartsafe also has two AEDs purchased with a grant from the Common Good Community Foundation. Those will be placed in outlying areas as well.

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