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Eastern Plumas Health Care purchases all new beds for inpatient unit and gurneys for E.R.

Each bed has a new, comfortable mattress and the beds come equipped with bed scales to accurately weigh patients and also with features that enable trauma patients to be x-rayed through the gurney.

EPHC Emergency Room Manager Donna Dorsey explained, “There are also nine new beds on the acute unit, which monitor your heart rate and breathing rate through the mattress, to allow the nurses to monitor you without wires or waking you.”

Dorsey noted that the mattresses are top of the line, with pressure redistribution and microclimate management to keep patients cool and comfortable. “The patient can even adjust the firmness or softness of the mattress while in bed at any time and it will adjust silently, and the beds extend at the foot to accommodate patients up to 6’9”” Dorsey added.

All of the beds are equipped with bed alarms for those at risk for falls, which alert the nurses and gently remind the patient to wait for help when needed.

The new beds also have scales built in, so that the bedridden can be weighed without getting up. Another interesting feature of the new beds includes a USB port in bed for the patients’ electronic device, as well as a feature that repositions the patient for comfort.

To learn more about the ongoing work to constantly better the patient experience at Eastern Plumas Health Care, visit ephc.org or call 832-6600.

Eastern Plumas Health Care boasts brand new, top of the line model beds for patients which include a variety of features, from internal scales to USB ports for patients’ electronic devices. Photo by Eastern Plumas Health Care

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