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Eastern Plumas hit with burglaries

Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood reports that there have been at least 11 burglaries since Jan. 1 in the Eastern Plumas area, stretching from Chilcoot to Blairsden/Graeagle. Hagwood said that expensive items such as tools and art have been targeted. He advises residents to install security cameras and to ask neighbors to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. Anyone who observes something unusual is asked to call 283-6300.

10 thoughts on “Eastern Plumas hit with burglaries

  • This is when it would be helpful if the paper would note the location of these burglaries in the Sheriff’s blotter.

    • they are too bemused by printing flaky, Fake, and inconsequential “reports” to bother. this is the fallout from putting law enforcement on a pedestal

  • Ive said for a cpl yrs now if you want to keep your nice stuff fences, cameras& a good noisy dog are key..
    Sadly you need either concealed cameras or a well hiden box and most definitely wifi access..
    Todays laws criminals are prospering and not getting much for punishment.. its sad to say the least!

  • May I suggest Arlo video surveillance cameras which require No WiFi, only Verizon Service. They run off batteries and activate on motion. Alerts are emailed immediately to homeowners’ smartphone. The suspect(s) are probably parolees that are risk takers because they’re complete losers. Oh, remember that the Supreme Court has ruled, “a man’s home is his castle. Residential 459’s pose a much greater chance of the S encountering a resident. This encounter could result in a homeowner’s natural response to protect his/her family.

    • they’re not politicians

  • This is when the Benelli M4 comes in handy!

  • Can anybody in the area recommend someone for camera installation?

  • What a dumb comment.

    • Alfonso Bedoya, what a dumb name, he probably is fencing the stolen items right now… western union money across the border

  • Wondering if police Dept getting kickback for every security camera that gets purchased. It’s not that large of town, how about police doing their job.

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