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Election Day and the county courthouse: Try to address ballot concerns now

On Election Day, Tuesday Nov. 3, some offices in the courthouse will be working from home to lessen the number of people passing through the building. You are asked to call any office that you need to visit to determine if they are available for certain services. The Election Department will be open from 7 a.m. through 8 p.m.

The Election Department is asking you to please not wait until Election Day to come in to receive a replacement ballot if you have lost or not received your Vote by Mail ballot. Come in as soon as possible to avoid congested areas and possibly long lines of voters seeking the same service.

Even though Plumas County is experiencing one of the highest voter turnouts just a few days prior to an election, voters that wait until election day to resolve any problems with their ballot can cause congestion and extend waiting times for many. Many of these problems are caused by voters failing to re-register at their new address when they move and their Vote by Mail ballot not reaching them.

Please help to keep yourself and others safe by not waiting until election day to take care of these easily remedied situations. If you have questions, call the Election Department at 530-283-6256.


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