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Engel to chair Board of Supervisors

Plumas County departments get new vehicles, while new parking laws were adopted at the regular Plumas County Board of Supervisors meeting Jan. 9.

The meeting began with the changing of the chairs. District 4 Supervisor Lori Simpson relinquished her chair position after a year as chairman of the board and gave it to vice chair and District 5 Supervisor Jeff Engel. District 1 Supervisor Michael Sanchez is now the vice chair.

No parking on the hospital road

Cars parked on Bucks Lake Road near Plumas District Hospital are going to have to find a new place to park after the new amended parking ordinance was approved by the board.

After a request from PDH administration, the county public works department has taken steps to prevent parking on both sides of Bucks Lake Road from Meadow Way 250 feet west to the intersection of Bellamy Lane.

The street has served as overflow parking for people at the hospital, but utilization of the road shoulders is proving unsafe. That segment of Bucks Lake Road is notorious for speeding, and the complication of parkers not using the crosswalk adds risk to the roadway. Emergency response vehicles must also be able to navigate safely along that stretch of roadway and this new amendment will help ensure that.

New cars for the New Year

The sheriff’s office and the public health department are starting the year off with approval to buy new vehicles.

The board approved the purchase of three new F-150 Ford trucks, totaling $115,373.31, to go to the sheriff’s office. The trucks will better serve the deputies both in power and off-road capabilities, and in comfort and size.

Sheriff Greg Hagwood said, “We are increasingly employing very large, homegrown deputies.”

The new trucks will be able to accommodate the deputies, one of whom is 6-foot 7-inches and weighs almost 400 pounds. Hagwood also cited durability and reliability as a reason behind the purchase.

The Public Health Agency will also be purchasing two new vehicles, a Jeep Compass and a Toyota Sienna, for a total of approximately $50,000. The vehicles will be used for transportation services for public health programs.

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