Evacuation order expanded to include Canyon Dam

Due to increased fire activity on the Dixie , Sheriff ToddJohns has issued a Mandatory Evacuation Order for: Canyon Dam south to include Greenville. Originally the order included Canyon Dam, but it is warning status only at this time.
You should EVACUATE SOUTH TOWARDS QUINCY, immediately.
Hwy 89 is open to evacuate out of the area above; however, it is being closed to northbound traffic at Hwy 89 and Hwy 79 junction (Greenville Wye) and closed to southbound traffic at the Hwy 89/Hwy 147 junction.
There is a shelter at 59 Bell Lane in Quincy, the Springs of Hope Church.
If you need transportation out of the Mandatory Evacuation area you need to call: 530-283-6414