Evacuation warnings consolidated

Due to the Mandatory Evacuation Orders which were issued today, the Plumas County Sheriff issued the following Evacuation Warnings:
• West Quincy — From the top of cemetery hill including Quincy Jct. Road to Mt. Hough Road and everything west
• Genesee Valley — Southeast of Taylorsville up the Antelope Lake Road and everything south to Brady’s Camp
• North and eastern parts of Indian Valley — Includes Pecks Valley Road east to North Arm and Diamond Mountain Road
The statement read: “We know this afternoon was full of information and it was very fluid. There were many orders and warnings issued. Our small county is working the best we can and for perspective we had 28 law enforcement agencies assisting us today with these orders and warnings. We appreciate the residents of Plumas County and we are here for you! We also appreciate all the outside support!”
The Shelter in Chester is at MAX capacity. We have set up additional shelters. One in Tehama County at 19725 Ridge Rd in Red Bluff.
For those in the Quincy area, there is still a shelter at 59 Bell Lane (Springs of Hope Church).