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Fair board agenda packed with happenings for the county


By Mari Erin Roth

Staff Writer

[email protected]


Plumas Sierra Fair Board president Cindy Noble called the relatively new board to order May 18 at the fairgrounds in the newly named “bunkhouse.”

All events are “on” for 2022 so there were plenty of topics on the agenda. The board members representing all areas of the county are Andrea Ceresola, Kenny Chance, Jenay Cogle, James Griffin, Christian Kennedy, Duncan Kennedy, Susan Neer, and 2022 president, Cindy Noble. Two members resigned after many years of service: Thelma Olson (over 30 years of service), and Darlene Buckhout (6 years). A few members of the public were present for the meeting. The primary activities at most Fair Board meetings is for the board to hear the reports from Fairgrounds Manager John Steffanic and offer input and vote when necessary. Fortunately, Steffanic is an avid storyteller and the reports are always entertaining and exceedingly informative.


New fans (the kind that swirl air around) are going into the pig barn. One hundred padded chairs were acquired from a church which meant the recent POP’s jazz concert attendees were much more comfortable. WiFi will be installed next week for the entire fairgrounds. Serpillio Hall floor is scheduled to be ground down and leveled in August with supplemental funding that was requested by Steffanic from the County Board of Supervisors which will also fund the replacement the roof of the Junior Ag Barn and repaving. As things sit, all needed expenses are covered according to Steffanic.

There is a need however for “extra help” if anyone out there is looking for work. Funding is in the budget, but people to do the work are scarce. Groundskeeping, lawn care and all sorts of other random work needs doing. Anyone interested may speak with Steffanic at the fairgrounds, 283-6272, or check in with the County for the open positions and job descriptions.


On the topic of finances, everything seems to be on track to finish the fiscal year in good shape (ends June 30). The formula Steffanic laid out for the budget is intended to provide a solid future for the fairgrounds. “The way things sit, we can operate without county assistance for another four to five years,” said Steffanic. That was presented as a positive statement.

Innovation Hub

The Fairgrounds Manager moved on to report the progress of Innovation Hub, which is a new program designed to assist Indian Valley residents. The inspiration is in line with the County Fair mission to nurture citizens’ ability to promote what they make, grow or raise. Indian Valley folk affected by the Dixie Fire are encouraged to bring their ideas to the Innovation Hub where staff members will help the ideas get off the ground. Each staff member has a specialty skill instrumental in transforming ideas into reality with the goal of new forms of industry from Indian Valley, and of course, generate income. A key principle is to bring in money from outside the County versus pass Plumas dollars around Plumas County. Distribution of new products to Chico, Truckee and other areas outside the boundaries of the County is an essential part of the project plan. The Fairground and the Fair Foundation are both planning to contribute equal funding to get the project off the ground.

Jake Jacobson to headline Grand Stand entertainment at fair

Updates on the fair in particular includes that entertainment has been selected for the Grand Stand during the Fair. Portola High School graduate, Jake Jacobson, has taken his musical talents on the road to fame and fortune in the country music world. Jacobson is set to release a pair of singles onto the music scene any day now and the Plumas County Fair will one of the first venues where fans will be able to hear these fresh cuts in July. Jacobson has been traveling throughout the country playing musical gigs at some of the most countrified locations in the USA such as Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky and Austin, Texas. Opening the grandstand for a big concert is just one of the musical treats for this year’s “Fairs Past” theme. Local favorites, Walker and Willis will kick off the concerts Thursday night followed by Rickety Bridge Friday night and Rummy will bring the house down Saturday night.

Favorite shows will be returning to entertain attendees throughout the days and nights of the fair along with fresh acts taking their place along the greenway. Something brand new is a “high-energy” clogging and tap show called “Powerhouse” that Steffanic describes as, “sure to bring the house down.”

Camping during the fair is just about filled up so anyone hoping to stay on site during the fair will need to fill out the new form and submit is soon. All things “Fair” can be found on the fairground website plumas-sierracountyfair.net.

The exhibit guide is out and available at various locations around the county including the fairgrounds. All judges are in place for fair categories. A lineup of volunteers are being plugged into the schedule, but there is generally room for more so if anyone out there would like to be involved in “our best fair ever,” contact Steffanic to see what fun opportunities are available and he will hook you up.

There were two Sweetheart of the Mountain candidates, and each provided an essay to compete for the title. Contestants are currently waiting for the decision on which will carry the title and which will be the 2022 runner up. If the world returns to normal (Covid restrictions), next year’s competition will be a scholarship fundraiser as it has been in years past.

The horse driving competition will be July 9 after High Sierra Music Festival attendees have packed down the track during the annual 5-day music festival that will be taking place once again. Most everything seems to be lining up for a great year of entertaining activities at Plumas Sierra Fairgrounds. For a full list of what is on the calendar this summer, plumas-sierracountyfair.net.

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