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An unnamed drum and dance troupe debuts at the final farmers market and wows the crowd. Photos by Mari Erin Roth

Farmers Market closes on a high note

The last Quincy farmers market for the season was well attended Sept. 6 in Dame Shirley Plaza. The green and shaded lawn area was filled with vendors and patrons. Back 40 Band performed a selection of comical songs, taking breaks for giveaway gifts for market shoppers donated by vendors. An abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables stood by homemade soaps, lavender products, herb apothecary, Aloha Massage, jewelry and gifts, Debbie Dogs and more.

Children were present in high number, perhaps at a one-to-one ratio with adults. They provided unlimited entertainment as they played safely and freely surrounded by the village, I mean, community. The atmosphere was like some sort of “goodwill” generator for the townspeople witnessing the display of simple good times. Folks were strewn all over the lawn on blankets and in chairs listening to music and eating healthy, locally grown produce on the “end of summer” final market day.

Rumors of a “surprise” traveled around the market and the whisper proved true. Midway through the final market of the season, a group of colorfully clad drummers and dancers circled up to perform spirited numbers that mesmerized the crowd. Clacking drumsticks, dancing, whooping and singing, the performers engaged their audience with a great show.

Back 40 played their final numbers, vendors sold out as best they could and everyone looked to be leaving Dame Shirley Plaza with a smile on their faces. And that’s all folks, until next year, after what we all hope will be a terrific winter.

Dame Shirley Plaza is filled with patrons and vendors for the final farmers market of the season.

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