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Feather River College Board adopts statement rejecting racism and supporting diversity

During a special meeting on Tuesday, July 7, 2020, the Feather River College Board of Trustees had a single agenda item: to adopt a resolution rejecting racism and supporting diversity. The special action was in response to both national and local events, and to demonstrate the board’s resolve for supporting students and employees at the college. Included in the resolution, the FRC Board endorsed existing policies that support diversity, equity, and freedom to pursue an education.

The Board further reaffirmed their stance on the Code of Ethics and prohibition of harassment and discrimination. “Taking it a step further, I believe that the Board of Trustees wanted to send a clear signal that self-worth, dignity, differing opinions, and respect are all core values at FRC,” commented Dr. Kevin Trutna, superintendent/president. He added, “Included in the statement is the fact that the Board of Trustees affirms and recognizes the right of individuals to freely express their opinions and speech under the First Amendment. FRC purposefully fosters an inclusive environment to support the development, potential, and value of all individuals.”

The FRC Board pledged to denounce and combat incidents of racism and hate that occur within the District. They further resolved to create and support a safe environment and community for all students. In closing the resolution, the FRC Board of Trustees vowed to make decisions with a deliberate awareness of impediments to learning faced by students of color and/or diverse cultural, linguistic, or socio-economic backgrounds. Feather River College was recognized in the latest accreditation report for social justice work and creating a culture of openness and inclusivity. Further, the college was recently awarded an Engaging Excellence Fellowship funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for its strength in retaining and graduating underserved student populations. “This is only a starting point for improving inclusivity and promoting equity,” commented Trutna, “The Board gave me very clear direction that hate, racism, and discrimination are not to be part of Feather River College. It is now our collective duty to advance and protect this ideal while FRC operates in a manner that supports our students as they work toward their educational goals.”

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