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Feather River College receives accreditation confirmation

The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) recently granted full accreditation to Feather River College for seven years, the maximum allowable by Commission bylaws.

The accreditation authorization was based upon an extensive Institutional Self Evaluation Report and evidentiary materials, and verified through an external evaluation team site visit and report. A team of 13 individuals visited FRC in March to develop a report and recommendations to the ACCJC, which took action during its June meeting. As a result, FRC will next undergo a comprehensive accreditation review in 2025.

FRC President Dr. Kevin Trutna, commented, “Our work is about the students and providing a quality education to meet their needs. This report validates the dedication of our faculty and staff toward this ideal. The ACCJC action also provides assurance to the public about the quality of an FRC degree.”

In addition to reaffirmation of accreditation, the ACCJC recognized the exemplary performance of FRC in the several areas:

College Commendation 1

The accreditation team commended the college for bringing its mission to life by incorporating the natural environment into its educational activities and sustainability efforts, which promotes a family-like community that engages students and enriches their academic programs.

College Commendation 2

The team commended the college for its social justice work that serves disproportionately impacted, incarcerated students. The faculty and administrators collaborate in creative ways for the development of innovative pedagogy that has resulted in a significant increase in student success rates in a challenging and constrained environment.

College Commendation 3

The team commended the college for engaging students in college life through creative student services efforts. The college maximizes its advising functions by collaborating across departments in order to orient and engage students in the life of the college, culminating in a familial atmosphere that fosters inclusion.

College Commendation 4

The Professional Development Committee and the Diversity Committee have worked to exceed the standard by providing practical and inspirational professional development opportunities based on campus-wide and department-level need resulting in a culture of openness and inclusivity by sponsoring many events that raise awareness of different cultures and walks of life.

No areas of FRC were found to be out of compliance with ACCJC standards. Three recommendations for improvement were provided, one of which has already been completely addressed.

“This is one of the best accreditation reports that I have seen in my professional career. As we enter our 50th anniversary, this finding definitely sets the stage for continuing a tradition of excellence for the next 50 years at Feather River College,” Trutna said.

The ACCJC report also commended FRC for its academic programs, support for students, fiscal strength and stability, and effective participatory-governance structure across the entire campus.

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