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The view from Greenville at 5:30 p.m. today, Aug. 2. Flames are visible and smoke appears to be coming from several points. Photo by Ken Donnell

Fire advancing on Greenville; town under mandatory evacuation

Update: 8:20 p.m.: Ken Donnell is reporting that dark is falling, the weather is cooling and the winds are waning. “At this moment I am feeling confident for the Main Street business district to be OK tonight.” He is hopeful that other areas will fare well also.

Update 6:50 p.m.: Reports of a new spot fire closer to Wolf Creek Road, approximately 1 mile from the intersection of Round Valley Road. It’s reported that a DC10 just dropped a lot of retardant on Wolf Creek Road as the area continues to be evacuated. Residents are advised to go the Chester Memorial Hall or the Springs of Hope Church in Quincy if they need an evacuation site tonight.

Greenville resident Ken Donnell, who has been providing regular updates to Plumas News, reports that the fire is moving steadily down slope toward Round Valley Road and Wolf Creek Road. He reports that there are air attack resources overhead, including a 737 that just passed over Main Street and is circling for a drop. A propeller plane just dropped a load of retardant along Wolf Creek Road. Donnell reports that he can see two fingers of flame halfway down the slope as well as what appears to be four spot fires closer in.

This morning’s briefing warned that afternoon winds could adversely impact the fire and that prediction is coming true. The Highway 89 corridor from Canyon Dam to Crescent Mills is now under a mandatory evacuation order.

The scene as of approximately 6:45 p.m. this evening. Photo by Ken Donnell

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