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Fluid acrylic artists show their work April 1 in Quincy

The Gallery at Bear Creek Frames at 367 Main Street in Quincy will host an artist reception on First Friday, April 1, from 5 to 7 p.m. The featured artists are Marcus Johnson and LaRonda (Meeks) Mannies from LMJ Creations — they are both fluid acrylic artists.

Marcus Johnson was born and raised in Quincy, by his mother, Peggie Smith, a local flourishing artist in the rural community.  As a senior at Quincy High School he entered the “Congressional Art Contest” where he received recognition from the regional congressman during that time.  That original piece of art was showcased and entered into the California State Fair. This moment of recognition inspired him to continue to grow.

He applied for the “Sierra Pacific Scholarship,” which he was awarded at his high school graduation. Continuing on his artistic journey, Marcus attended and graduated Butte College with his Associates Degree of Fine Arts.

Marcus explored different mediums including 3D “Gourd Art”, digital design, and illustration. In 2020, as the world locked down for the global pandemic, this artist explored new forms of art. With his partner, LaRonda, this dynamic duo discovered a new style of art called fluid art or pour painting.

LaRonda (Meeks) Mannies was born in Arizona and moved to Plumas County when she was a child. She also attended Quincy High School. LaRonda’s mother, Glenna Meeks, was a very creative artist; she raised seven children where she inspired and passed down the motivation of artist expression. She worked with candles molding, bead work, and painting.

LaRonda raised two children here in Plumas County and also influenced two blossoming minds that love creating. She can now pass her passion for art to the next generation through her four grandchildren.

Each artist has their individual history and passion of the arts. After 14 years of living separate lives, this team reconnected in 2014. This is where their shared history began. After years of producing and creating their common passion “Fluid Art,” they established a local business in 2020 called Plumas LMJ Creations. They have explored and mastered various fluid art techniques, as their work has evolved to showcase their most recognized style with layered resign and image pieces including wildlife, whimsical, space and oceans.

Their work includes a collection of coasters, jewelry, walking sticks, custom table tops, magnetics and so much more! Continue to look out Plumas LMJ Creations at local markets, festivals, and craft fairs. Their journey is ever evolving an their creativity continues to grow.

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