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Food for thought: Swift and aggressive action can counter COVID

Californians are under a stay-at-home directive in an effort to stem the spread of COVID-19. The governor’s directive has been adapted by many, questioned by others and ignored by some.

Dr. Jeff Kepple, a physician with Plumas District Hospital and its former CEO, shared with colleagues and other community members, an article on the value of doing all that we can to suppress the virus.

It explains the outcomes from “do nothing vs. mitigation vs. suppression.” Dr. Kepple said it made him “hopeful that if we act swiftly and aggressively for four to seven weeks,” the outcome could be positive. “We have China and South Korea to learn from, and now Italy’s death toll rate is down ticking for the first time these past two days,” he added March 23.

Take the time to read this informative piece:


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