A cougar and an owl are two of the woodland creatures depicted in the carved remnants of a roadside tree alongside Meadow Valley Road. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

Forest thinning nets alternative canvas for yard art

Daniel Forschler creates wood sculptures on site, literally, on site.

Darla DeRuiter and Darrel Jury of Meadow Valley had Forschler turn a front yard tree into a piece of art, while remaining in its original location.

“He carved an eagle out of another tree for us 10 years ago,” said DeRuiter, who now might be considered a collector of Forschler work. The eagle stands 30 feet behind the new carving with wings proudly spread.

Making the most of trees in this way that have succumbed to pine beetle damage or need to come down to reduce fire danger may be an alternative wave for the future.

Wood sculptor Forschler has portable versions of his artwork displayed at various store locations in Oroville, Paradise, Truckee, Auburn, Chester and the Canyon Dam store.

The sleek, wooden cougar and its accompanying carved woodland creatures were decorated with a fresh coat of snow in early January from recent winter storms.

The stationary  art-in-the-round piece presents a creative scene from any direction. Travelers along Bucks Lake Road are treated to the skillful carving by Forschler without ever leaving the comfort or warmth of their vehicle during winter.