FRC announces another positive Covid case

Feather River College reported today, Aug. 18, that a student employee tested positive for COVID on Tuesday, Aug. 17.  The student worker was last on campus Friday, Aug. 13.  The student started exhibiting symptoms over the weekend and went in for testing. On that Friday, the individual interacted with two on-campus departments.  Both departments are aware of the situation and individuals are quarantining while seeking their own test.

This follows the report earlier this week that two employees tested positive.

As a reminder from Plumas County Public Health:

Quarantine is for individuals who have been exposed but not tested positive.  Quarantine individuals should limit interaction with others, maintain distance, wear face coverings, work outside where possible, and seek the advice of their own health care professional.

Self-isolation is for an individual that has tested positive.  Self-isolation is to eliminate contact with other persons unless absolutely necessary.

Quarantine periods are recommended for 10 days without any COVID symptoms.  It is recommended that quarantined individuals get tested 3-5days after potential exposure.  There is no difference for individuals who are vaccinated or not vaccinated if they have had significant exposure to someone carrying the virus.