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FRC announces three COVID positive cases

Feather River College President Kevin Trutna announced Aug. 25  that the college received notification  of three positive COVID tests: two employees and one student.

One of the employees was a close contact with the student, as they worked together in a department.  They developed symptoms late last week or during the weekend.  Both independently sought testing this week.  Both individuals have been off campus all week; last having campus contact either Thursday or Friday.

The other employee developed symptoms early last week and has been off campus since last Tuesday, recently testing for COVID as symptoms did not improve.  This is unrelated to the aforementioned student and employee cases.

All three are Plumas County residents and remain in the area.  Due to the timing of tests and notifications and residency, Trutna said they are  fairly certain that their results were included in previous Plumas County reporting of positive COVID cases.

Trutna shared this advice with his staff: “Very important: if you have any flu-like symptoms, please notify your supervisor and seek medical treatment.  We are currently researching other situations on campus where individuals may have symptoms that they thought were related to smoke, allergies, or other respiratory issues.  Test results have not been confirmed, although they have quarantined out of precaution until symptoms subside or until a definitive test result is returned.  In short, treat the first hint of any illness symptom serious and seek medical help.  We can all help halt the spread by doing our part.”


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