FRC announces two student-athletes test positive

Feather River College announced this afternoon, April 1, that two student-athletes tested positive for COVID during weekly routine testing surveillance.

Due to the current Spring Break, they have not attended on-campus classes in over a week. According to FRC President Kevin Trutna, on-campus interactions were limited to athletic practices. One student left Plumas County upon learning the test results.  The other student has been moved to isolate in a vacant dorm room held for this purpose.

“I want to again thank the Athletics Department for their diligence in establishing and following safety/testing protocols and in working with the students,” Trutna said.  “Additionally, the Housing Department went out of their way to help the students, sanitize the vacated rooms, and provide resources for all impacted students.”

When asked if these cases would impact games this week, Trutna said, “No, it is a bye week so it worked out for the good because practices were limited and no games. Also, any teammate or close contact will have to test negative twice before resuming normal practices and activities.”

FRC releases information on positive cases to be transparent with the community.