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FRC Foundation approves new scholarship program

During a regular board meeting of the Feather River College Foundation, held at Gansner Park, in masks with appropriate social distancing, the Foundation Board voted unanimously, to support a special scholarship focused on Plumas County High School graduates attending college for the first time and plan to enroll full time. The amount of the newly approved scholarship fund, now referred to as the “FRC Pipeline” is $5,000.

“We are proud to add this award to our existing annual commitment of $12,500 directed to student scholarships,” reports board President Kris Miravalle.

Over the last year, FRC staff including Carlie McCarthy, vice president of Student Services, and Sean Harris, academic advisor and recruiter, met with the scholarship committee to explain that not all costs are covered for students in the multitude of other programs, services and scholarships including fees, textbooks, and supplies. While tuition is free for California residents who are first time, full time students via the Promise Grant, other costs associated with attending the College remain a barrier for families who may not qualify for any type of aid and they must rely on loans.

Finalizing four years of planning, the Scholarship sub-committee made its proposal to fund the FRC Pipeline to the Foundation Board for approval, “…and it couldn’t come at a better time,” states Nancy Gambell, Scholarship Committee member. College staff are currently defining the criteria for the Pipeline awards, and method of disbursement. For more information on this scholarship and others, contact Sean Harris at [email protected] or call 283-0202.


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