FRC reports COVID cases among returning students

Feather River College President Kevin Trutna said that with students returning to campus, the administration is receiving notification of some positive cases — which is a mix of Plumas County and out-of-town students.

“Some were discovered last week as the students prepared to show a test result before returning, while the remainder were tested yesterday and today,” Trutna said.  “Some of these may be false positives, we are not sure at this time as the follow-up confirmation test takes 48-72 hours to return.”

Trutna said he is unsure what strain is being detected because Plumas County Public Health hasn’t been sending positive tests to the state for further testing. Following is a portion of the release sent to campus staff today.

A total of nine students have reported positive tests over the past week during break or this week in preparation for returning to FRC dormitories or college activities. All dorm residents were tested using a rapid response antigen test yesterday and today; those with positive tests have been referred for a more accurate PCR test through the VirusGeeks FRC contract or Plumas District Hospital laboratory.  The follow-up PCR test results have not been finalized to either validate the positive antigen test result or prove a false-positive result, however we are reporting on the positive antigen test results at this time for transparency. Following are the positive cases:

  • 1 student tested negative last week upon returning to dorms, tested positive today after developing symptoms this weekend, isolating in dormitory
  • 1 off-campus student who tested positive last week in anticipation of FRC opening, is now isolating at Plumas County home
  • 1 student tested positive upon returning to dorms yesterday, isolating in dormitory
  • 4 off-campus students tested positive this week, isolating in their individual Plumas County homes
  • 2 students tested positive yesterday, left Plumas County for isolation back at home outside of Plumas County

FRC is working closely with Plumas County Public Health for updated protocols and testing.  All unvaccinated employees and students are required to test weekly, in addition to certain programs who test weekly regardless of vaccinations status.  FRC offers a vaccination incentive to all employees and students to encourage up-to-date vaccinations.  Face coverings are required indoors on the FRC campus.