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FRC weather station tracks rain, temps, soil moisture and more

Those who want more in-depth information about weather, watersheds, soil moisture levels, etc., can access that information by logging on to :

CW3E Surface Meteorology Observations – Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes (ucsd.edu)

After accessing the link, select the Upper Yuba/Feather watershed in the drop down menu, and then Feather River College in the adjoining location menu.

Feather River College has a weather station on campus through UCSD/Scripps Center for Western Weather & Water Extremes. FRC President Kevin Trutna said that it’s the only community college in the program.

The weather station, which is located on some of FRC’s agricultural land is a fenced-off tripod with a variety of sensors that feeds information to UCSD/Scripps. It has been installed for about two years, but with the recent focus on weather, Trutna thought some readers of Plumas News would be interested in the breadth of information that is available.


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