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Quincy Elementary School will look very different next week when doors open for students to return back to school. The campus has undergone extensive renovation as part of PUSD’s Measure B campaign to repair school sites countywide. Photos by Roni Java

Fresh looks, big back-to-school improvements greet QES, Pioneer, Community School and QHS students

When Quincy Elementary School, Pioneer School, the Plumas County Community School and Quincy Junior-Senior High School (QJSHS) students go back to school Aug. 21, much more than a fresh coat of paint will greet them.

And yes, the QES mural has been safely stored during construction and will be remounted in its traditional spot.

The Plumas Unified School District and its Governing Board of Trustees have worked for months with architects, project managers, budget experts and a host of contractors — several of them local to Plumas County — to allocate Measure B bond monies for critical repairs, site updates and facility improvements at every campus in the district.

Often, the school board met for multiple evenings a month to make decisions, stretch dollars and meet timelines to accommodate the work at school sites in Chester, Greenville, Portola and Quincy.

There have also been a number of unique challenges to overcome in the last year-plus of the projects, including operating within short timeframes between when students were in school or out.

So, on the first day of school next week, students and their families will be pleased at how “new” their familiar old school buildings now feel.

QES looks bright, feels modern

At QES, the Measure B-funded repairs and renovations include:

– New energy-efficient windows, cabinetry and drywall have been installed in the classrooms.

– Modern “teaching walls” have been constructed to facilitate digital learning and best practices for today’s learning styles.

– New 21st century classroom furniture was ordered and is being piloted for one room.

– Cafeteria tables were replaced.

– New roofing has been installed on the portables and some abatement work completed inside.

– Abatement work was completed to address lead, asbestos and mold remediation throughout the site.

– New flooring materials and carpet were installed.

– New exterior paint was applied and additional site work done on the exterior.

For the 2019-20 school year, more roofing work will be finished soon.

Extensive Pioneer updates At Pioneer School, the Measure B-funded repairs and renovations include:

– The old barn was demolished.

– Playground fencing was installed for the kindergarten area.

– The stage floor was refinished.

– New 21st century classroom furniture is being piloted for one room.

– Cafeteria tables were replaced.

– Exterior pressure washing and abatement work were done and the exterior was painted.

– New landscaping was installed.

– The parking lot was extended.

– Tree removal work was done and the area backfilled.

– New carpet was installed in the speech room and in multiple classrooms.

– Energy-efficient window coverings were installed.

–New flooring was placed in the restroom.

– Changes to the bus pickup and dropoff areas were evaluated.

– Staff members were relocated from QES to Pioneer.

Plumas Co. Community School

At PCCS, the Measure B-funded repairs and renovations include:

– The interior and exterior have been newly painted.

– Energy-efficient window coverings were installed.

– New storage cabinets will be installed.

– New 21st century classroom furniture was ordered.

– Ceiling tiles were repaired.

QJSHS fields, security and more

At QJSHS, the Measure B-funded repairs and renovations include:

– New exterior paint was applied and shows off Trojan colors to best advantage.

– New 21st century classroom furniture has been installed, including a pilot project for one room.

– Some portable classrooms have been removed.

– The greenhouse structure received needed attention and will be finished this school year.

– An engineering design was done for the biomass system.

For the 2019-20 school year, the following QJSHS projects are planned:

– A repair plan is being developed for the QJSHS athletic fields (testing has been done, PUSD is awaiting the results).

– An intruder alert system and security camera(s) were installed (staff will receive training for the system in the coming months).

QES, Pioneer, PCCS and QHS wish lists

When the school district and board of trustees meet at 5 p.m. today, Aug. 14, in the newly reopened historic Quincy Schoolhouse at 50 Church Street downtown, they will consider additional “wish list” projects for various school sites.

For QES, this will include electrical upgrades; for Pioneer School, an Early Learning Center, electrical upgrades and space to serve foster youth and homeless students; for PCCS, installation of a flagpole and access to a second bathroom; and for QJSHS, new windows and surrounding frames and structures, electrical upgrades and options to improve the curb appeal of the cafeteria area.

Public comments are welcome. For more information, call 283-6500.

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