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Wil Allen and Julie Shanks-Griggs, of Bayer, brought up bins of fresh produce for Dixie Fire evacuees. The produce is available at the Grange Hall. The public can make donations at the Grange and pic up some fresh food also. Photo by Holly Buus

Fresh produce has arrived

Bins of melons, tomatoes and bell peppers are lined up next to the Grange in Quincy, providing fire evacuees and those who want to support the evacuees, with a bounty of fresh produce. Photo by Holly Buus

Huge bins of watermelons, cantaloupes, bell peppers and tomatoes have arrived. They were delivered to the Grange Hall this afternoon from Woodland and are free for fire evacuees. The general public is also welcome to share in the bounty, with a donation to the fire relief effort at the Grange.

The fresh produce was grown and harvested by Bayer, through its crop science program. One of its employees has ties to the area.

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