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Even otters are enjoying the sunny day. Photo by Norm Williams

Friday afternoon pick-me-up

It’s Friday afternoon and we thought you might all enjoy some fun photos of a group of otters in the Almanor area. Local photographer Norm Williams shared the images with us and Plumas News is sharing them with you.

A little fun among otters. Photo by Norm Williams
Notice the one with attitude? Photo by Norm Williams

8 thoughts on “Friday afternoon pick-me-up

  • Love these photos!

    • I so agree with you, Bonnie. The colors and light create such cheerful scenes!

  • What a wonderful way to get a smile on a Friday afternoon!

  • These are lovely to see, especially all the way from England where I am currently. I love being home but am looking forward to returning back to Plumas county also, thank you.

    • Love these! Especially the one sticking out his tongue.

  • When I first moved to Plumas County, the first time I saw river otters it was like seeing a hippo or other rare animal in the wild. Totally magical and something you just don’t see in the Bay Area. Unfortunately river otters are caught up in the wildlife killing programs sponsored by our county (aka Wildlife “Services”) and the sad reality is that they end up drowning in underwater traps designed for beaver, another aquatic animal with incredible abilities to improve the health of ecosystems. More than 258 beavers were killed with your county tax dollars between 2011-2020. Our group, Feather River Action! successfully sued Plumas and Sierra County over the lack of environmental review and we succeeded in stopping the illegal and secretive program last year. See more and learn how you can support wildlife and a healthy future for Plumas County: https://featherriveraction.org/stop-the-killing-wildlife-services-out-of-plumas-sierra-counties-now/

    • OMG Josh Hart, no one freaking cares about your buzz kill comments and lawsuit-happy environmentalists.

      You’re the kind of the worst narcissist. Get a life and stop looking for validation in the Plumas News comments section, loser.

  • Those are *really* cute photos — thank you to Norm for sharing! However I am shocked by what Josh said that the county has been killing these sweet and harmless creatures. I’m disgusted. Even if you don’t care about the animals, their value to tourism alone is worth allowing their numbers to grow. I guess it’s one more way Plumas County Board is failing us…

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