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These first edition books are part of the silent auction being held by Friends of the Library. The books are on display at Plumas Bank in Quincy. Photo submitted

Friends of the Library announce silent auction

By Stephanie Leaf

Special to Plumas News

Just in time for holiday gift buying, the Friends of the Library is sponsoring another Silent Auction at Plumas Bank in Quincy. The auction will run through Friday Dec. 17.

This auction is especially important because its proceeds will go toward helping to restore library services to the Greenville community.

One of the most magnificent entries in this season’s auction is a set of 14 beautiful first editions, bound in leather and signed by the author. Included in this set are books by Norman Mailer, John Updike, Joseph Heller, and Joyce Carol Oates. These elegant books are a pleasure to look at, to hold, and to read, and they’re worth an average of several hundred dollars each.

But there’s something for every pocketbook in this auction including lovely books with a starting bid as low as $5. There are books about movies, books about history, and of course, books about Christmas.

When you give someone a book, you’re giving them a passport to new worlds. So this is a great opportunity to find some thoughtful and not-too-expensive gifts for those special people on your list. Or just treat yourself to an enjoyable way to spend these long winter evenings.

The Friends of the Library want to thank Plumas Bank for hosting this event and they send their best wishes to everyone for a happy holiday season.

The Private Lives collection. Photo submitted


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