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From the horse’s mouth: The news of the new Crescent Country

By Meg Upon

   Customers and residents of Indian Valley are coming into Crescent Country asking about the closing of the store, who Lisa Forcino may have sold the store to, who the new owners are, etc.

   But Forcino hasn’t sold Crescent Country; she’s just changing it up to fit new needs and new times in Indian Valley. She’s also now the Dixie Fire Collaborative lead for Crescent Mills.

   Crescent Country itself—the gift store that’s been around in some configuration since 1984, will still exist but will be much smaller than it was before. But with the smaller gift shop comes new ventures. In the back of the store where the art gallery was, will be an office for bodywork—massage therapist Nancy Presser will use the space at least once a week. There are three more office spaces up for grabs in the new configuration of the building that Forcino hopes to fill soon.

   The Dixie Fire took all existing office spaces in downtown Greenville—one great way to support the revitalization of the area, Forcino remarked, would be for county agencies to consider meeting the needs of who is left in Indian Valley by utilizing the central location of Crescent Mills.

   The popular Saturday Markets will continue weather permitting. They’ve been a popular place for artisans and local businesses to sell their wares in the front parking lot of Crescent Country.

   Forcino is also excited about new neighboring businesses coming into Crescent Mills. Along with the opening of the  sawmill run by J&C Enterprises sometime in January, Shelly Herrera, who had a shop and nail salon in downtown Greenville, will be moving her business to Crescent Mills with hairstylist Margie Meeker renting space to do hair. Those businesses have been incredibly missed in the valley.

   Forcino was perplexed about the post office being closed down last week when a truck lost control and ran into it, damaging the wall and window and closing it. She remembers a time when the post office for Crescent Mills was inside the Kingdon building—now Gigi’s Market. No one in Crescent Mills is excited about the PO Boxes being moved to Quincy for the time being.

   Bottom line for Forcino is that Crescent Country—and Forcino are not going anywhere. They will remain in Crescent Mills but like all of Indian Valley, things will be different now.

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