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Fuel costs initially puzzles AVCSD

Paying attention to the bottom line and determining where American Valley Community Services District’s money is going, Director Mike Beatty said they had an answer to one minor puzzle.

“How can you get 30 gallons of gas into a 26 gallon tank?” was a question one of the subcommittee members pondered, Beatty said.

Directors were attempting to figure out where four gallons of gas was going with every fill up at the pump.

Assistant General Manager Mike Green said he went and consulted the owners’ manuals for the vehicles in question.

“We don’t have standard tanks,” was what Green was reminded. When new trucks were purchased for the district they went over the option of having slightly larger tanks — 30 gallons versus 26 gallons.

It was suggested that AVCSD move to getting two on-site fuel tanks, one for diesel and a second for regular gas.

It is easy to keep logbooks at each pump and less expensive than purchasing the gas at a dealer, Beatty said. Environmental Health is now checking out the possibility.

General Manager Jim Doohan said the Quincy Community Services District used to have a tank. Environment Health made them remove it because of leak hazards.

Attorney Josh Nelson said that he would check on the insurance issues.

As a note, this was Doohan’s first meeting since his return from medical leave.

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