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Garbage bins placed throughout Greenville for household trash

The Plumas County Emergency Operations Center has coordinated with the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services to deliver trash bins to several areas around Greenville for residents returning home to utilize for their household trash.

Please use these bins only for your regularly accumulated household trash and not to dump excess trash that you would have otherwise taken to the dump.

This service should only be used for standard household trash, and you MUST NOT dispose of items, such as paint, solvents, car batteries, gas, oil, refrigerators, televisions, etc.

These dumpsters will be available through Friday, Sept. 10

1. Evergreen Market 427 Crescent Street in Greenville
2. Indian Valley Academy at 4352 Main Street in Taylorsville
3. Taylorsville Campground: 125 Genesee Road
4. 152 Green Meadows Lane in Greenville
5. Greenville Elementary at 225 Grand Street
6. 430 Main Street in Greenville

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