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Hungry Indian Valley residents wait for the Greenville High School “Makin and Bakin Café” to serve up breakfast on Tuesdays. Photos by Meg Upton

GHS ‘Makin and Bakin Café’ open for business

Each week there’s a breakfast special at the Makin and Bakin Café. The week of Dec. 11, it is breakfast burritos.

If you feel like a hearty breakfast on a Tuesday morning in Indian Valley you might want to go to high school.

Greenville High School’s culinary students are now serving up one special a week along with standard American fare of eggs and breakfast meats, pancakes, biscuits and French toast Tuesday mornings, 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., in the culinary classroom.

Eighteen students take either culinary or restaurant management classes at Greenville High School and it’s all in on a Tuesday morning with students learning planning, prepping, cooking, and serving among other restaurant hospitality responsibilities.

Culinary instructor Judy Dolphin’s students have mostly worked on catering since the school year began; its Tuesday a.m.  breakfast was on hiatus while the kitchen was overhauled and updated. The kitchen classroom had not seen modernizations in at least a decade or so.

A California Career Technical Education Incentive Grant provided the much needed changes to keep compliant for safety and standards. The last thing to be added was a new air vent above the stove. Everything is now in brand new working order and ready for the public.

“This is part of our career pathways program to give students an opportunity to experience career choices,” said principal Traci Cockerill, who was ready for breakfast on Dec. 11. She said she looks forward to the Tuesday morning breakfasts made by her students.

At 7 a.m., the café classroom was already half filled with patrons of all ages ready for breakfast.

Students learn all aspects of restaurant hospitality, and cooking during the Tuesday a.m. breakfast café.

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