GoBiz meets with Greenville business owners.

Gil Gonzales responds to questions posed to him from Greenville business owners at the Cherrywood Grill in Greenville on June 5. Photo by Maggie Wells

Bright and early in the morning of June 5 — before most of their businesses were even open— six business owners met at the new Cherrywood Grill for coffee and to hear what Gil Gonzales, the state governor’s GoBiz Program representative had to say.

“I’m not telling you what to do, but talking with you so you know the resources available to you for what you want to do,” said Gonzales.

Gonzales stated he was there to listen and to refer business owners to resources that could help them.

“It’s important to share information and find out what other communities are doing,” said Gonzales.

“What incentives can the state provide to increase businesses in Greenville?” asked one of the owners.


Gonzales reminded those assembled that there were tax incentives to look at as well as possibilities with Workforce Development and PG&E.

“How do we get businesses to grow or relocate here?” asked another.

Gonzales, originally from Fresno touted a background, which seemed a perfect fit. He’s been working in some of California’s biggest cities, but also the smaller towns no bigger than Greenville. He said it was his intent to listen to business owners and potential business owners in Indian Valley about ways the state of California could help make Indian Valley’s economy more robust.

How to attract and retain tourism and repeat interest in returning to Plumas County and in particular Indian Valley was also a major topic of discussion. No solutions yet, but much discussion.

Some issues the business owners brought up didn’t fit within the perimeters of the GoBiz Program. A sign at the Wye, for example, that tells motorists that turning left to Greenville also leads to Mt. Lassen National Volcanic Park is something Bink Huddleston said he has wanted to see for a long time.

You could see heads nod in agreement to statements made about Greenville being an underappreciated part of the county and Greenville not receiving its due in terms of advertising as a tourist destination.


Some also discussed the simple math of not enough people to often do all the work of organizing events, supporting businesses and volunteering.

Shauna Rossington talked of the Running with the Bears race and the lack of hotel space for big crowds.

Gonzales reiterated his commitment to coming up to Plumas County and exploring options with folks. He indicated that these first visits this week are meet and greets and the opportunity for initial connection.

Organizer of the meeting, Ken Donnell, said this particular meeting was really impromptu and that there’d be a well-advertised meeting coming up sometimes in the early fall — when Gil Gonzales and GoBiz return with more information about where business owners can go from here.