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It’s time for a family bear hunt! From left, 9-year-old Lucas, 7-year old Caroline and 5-year old Sam Rolin work together to track down more than 150 bears in Quincy on March 28 with mom Aimee leading the adventure. Photo submitted by Aimee Rolin

Going on a bear hunt

Keeping kids entertained in a fun and safe way

Kids are gearing up with binoculars and backpacks to embark on bear hunts around the world — a creative new activity invented to help keep kids busy during the strange early days of pandemic stay-at-home orders.

The community of Quincy has embraced the hunt with enthusiasm, with more than 100 teddy bears to be found peeking through windows around town.

In keeping with the new social distancing guidelines, parents take the young bear hunters for car cruises, going from street to street in the grand hunt.

The hunt is inspired by the children’s book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen, which many parents read to excited children before going on their own adventure.

It’s one way that Plumas County residents are keeping a sense of community spirit and connectivity in stressful times.

Local mom Aimee Rolin took her three children on an exciting hunt on March 28, finding over 150 bears throughout the Quincy area. “We loved the chance to get out and do something different,” Rolin said.

“The chance to “hunt” for bears was something we could do as a family, without putting ourselves or anyone in the community at risk. The fact that the community was so supportive in putting out so many bears shows just what a wonderful community ours is.”

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