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Golf in Eastern Plumas – High Sierra Golf Classic this Friday and Saturday

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth

[email protected]


Esperanza Foundation announces the 2022 High Sierra Golf Classic and seminar

The 10th annual tournament will be held June 10 at Grizzly Ranch and June 11 at Whitehawk Ranch. This tradition celebrates a decade of gathering golfers from around California and other states to enjoy the incredible courses of the Plumas-Sierra County area. “We are pleased to host this event with so many individuals returning year after year,” said event organizer Bill Davis.

The annual tournament is a fund-raising event to create scholarships for Portola High School students. In the past 8 years scholarships have been given to 38 PHS students. Dinner post tournament will be held at Whitehawk Lodge Saturday evening.

“Each year this event has a unique dimension as contrasted with other golf events,” said Davis. “A seminar is organized on topics of great interest and distinguished speakers are invited to make presentations.” The seminar is open to the public. It will be held at The Whitehawk Community Center beginning a t 9 a.m., Saturday, June 11. This year’s presenter will Dr. Robert Henderson, Chair of the Board of Directors of National Center for Race Amity. Dr. Henderson leads the Center as it develops forums, seminars, curricula, nationally syndicated television programs on race amity, and to advance racial understanding.

“Racial tensions have come to forefront in recent times and all to often leading to causing further distance between peoples,” said Davis. “ … there are countless examples of peoples of diverse races working together to address the needs of their communities and their fellow citizens. The Center sees race amity as the way to move beyond the barriers that divide us.” Other aspects of the 2022 program will give participants an opportunity to meet students who have received scholarships and have graduated along with this year’s recipients.

Anyone interested in attending the seminar or participating in the tournament may contact Bill Davis at 383-5660 or email [email protected].

Graeagle Men’s Golf Association

It was warm June 1 for the regular GMGA Wednesday games. With little wind on the course, 20 players showed for a day of men’s golf on the Graeagle Meadows course. Twenty players seems to be the usual number lately for each Wednesday and Friday Men’s Club play days, not always the same members, just the same number. The game of the day was two-man better ball, and each player’s net score had to be counted at least six times. The winners were the team of Dan Anderson and Grant Mayfield, with a net score of 63. There was a tie for second place between the teams of Don Judson/Bryan Hanson and Norm Nichols/Dave Macdonald, each with a net score of 64. There were 6 skins awarded: two to Jim Reynolds, and one each to Grant Mayfield, Bill Schultz, Bert Bellows and Bryan Hanson

Friday games on June 3 had slightly cooler weather, however, there were some pretty strong gusts of wind. The magic number of 20 players competed. Friday’s game was combined par points. In this format, 5 points are awarded for net double eagle, 3 points for net eagle, 2 points for net birdie, 1 point for net par, 0 for bogey and minus 1 for net double bogey or worse. The winner, with 39 par points, was the team of Norm Nichols and Grant Mayfield. Second place, with 36 par points, went to the team of Dan Anderson and Andy Knudsen. In third place, with 34 par points, was the team of Jim Adams and Steve Harding. Coming in fourth, with a score of 28, was the team of Nathan Coats and Steve Peterson. There were 6 skins awarded: two to Ron Wilk, and one each to Chuck Hein, Nathan Coats, Jeff Monaghan and Andy Knudson.

GMGC “Play Day” May 25 was played on a warm and almost windless day. The temperature neared 90 degrees, with 20 players competing. The game of the day was two-man net better-ball, counting one ball on the par threes and fours, and both balls on the par fives. With this format, par is 92, instead of the normal 72. The winning team, with a score of 81, was Bert Bellows and David Goodwin. Second place, with a score of 90, was the team of John Capdeville and Bob McIlroy. Third place, with a score of 92, was the team of Grant Mayfield and Wally Walker. There was a total of 9 skins awarded: two each to Bert Bellows and Don Judson, and one each to Grant Mayfield, Bill Schultz, John Capdeville, David Goodwin and Norm Miller.

Friday Badditos had windy and cooler weather, not cold, but cooler. The game of the day was individual low net and skins. Again, there were 20 participants. First place was a tie between John Jackson and John Capedeville, both with net scores of 66. Third place, with net score of 69, was Norm Nichols. Fourth place was won by Dave Macdonald, with a net score of 71. Fifth place was won by Chuck Hein, with a net score of 72. There were 4 skins awarded: one each to Grant Mayfield, Steve Peterson, Bill Schultz and David McDonald.

Graeagle Meadows Women’s Golf Club

The sky was beautiful on June 2nd as 16 GMWGC members teed it up in the “3’s and 5’s” game of the day. The game score consisted of the player’s gross and net scores on the four par 3’s and four par 5’s. In Flight A, the low gross winner was Priscilla Piper, with a score of 37, and the low net winner was Donna Ward, a net score of 29. The Flight B winners included Cathy Churchill, with a low gross of 46, and Nancy Linch, with a low net of 30. Next Thursday is the annual Captain’s Cup Tournament, which identifies the low net champion for the year.

The monthly Ace of Ace’s Qualifier took place May 19. Good weather and good company held up, the two most important things in a round of golf. The Qualifiers also had great golf games. Congratulations went to Michele Violett, who took Low Gross with a score of 85, and to Donna Ward, who won Low Net with a net 71. The Ace of Ace’s Playoff will take place in late September.

There was also a game of the day, “Just Golf,” which was a simple game of low gross and low net in two flights. Flight A winners were also the monthly Ace of Ace’s Qualifiers: Low Gross, Michele Violett, and Low Net, Donna Ward. In Flight B, the winners were: Low Gross, Darlene Gibaut with a score of 108; and, Beth Yuill won Low Net with a 78.

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