Goose, eggs disappearance answered?

A mountain lion may be the answer to the disappearance of a special Canada goose and her eggs earlier this month.

The same night that a photo of a goose on her nest ran in the Bulletin, a Chandler Road resident reported that she was gone.

After reporting a story about the disappearance, a neighbor came forward with information.

Bill Perkins, who lives close to where the nesting goose was spotted, explained that about the same time something ate some of his ducks.

Perkins said he keeps his fowl inside a pen that has a 4 1/2-foot high, electrified fence. The only thing left of the ducks was their heads, he said. And the only thing capable of clearing the fence would be a mountain lion.


Perkins said he visited the rooftop where the goose had nested. Thinking that if a mountain lion could jump his fence, it most certainly would be capable of jumping from Chandler Road onto the roof.

At the time he reported the disappearance, Dutch Scoppwer, another Chandler Road resident, said he thought only humans could reach the nest. He also offered a reward for information on the disappearance.

But at least one mountain lion has been sighted in the East Quincy area. And their territory is large.

Mountain lions can weigh up to 180-pounds, according to the website Defenders of Wildlife. They can jump as high as 15 feet, and leap as far as 40 feet.

Mountain lions are loners, except when the female has young. And their territory can range from 10 miles to as far as 370 square miles, according to the site.


Mountain lions are described as active hunters. One can bring down a deer, but they often rely on smaller game such as rabbits, mice and other rodents. They will also eat cats and other pets.