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Well-wishers arrive at the Feather River College parking lot to tape congratulatory messages to graduates for a video to be released May 29. Photo submitted

Graduation should be tonight — FRC has a different plan

Meredith Aragon, FRC’s head softball coach, holds a bouquet of flowers with the names of the softball players who are graduating. Photo submitted

Feather River College students were scheduled to receive their diplomas tonight, May 22, but that can’t happen due to social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic. Instead FRC is honoring graduates with a video tribute. The college hired a videographer to film the planned commencement addresses as well as congratulatory messages from staff members. All who wanted to participate were invited to campus last week to film their parts.

Each student was sent a cap and asked to take a picture so that their photo could be shown on screen as their name was read aloud as part of the graduating class. The completed video is scheduled to be released next Friday, May 29, to celebrate the graduates.

This year, which represents the 50th anniversary graduation, there are 204 graduates who collectively earned 16 bachelor’s degrees, 214 associate degrees, and 234 certificates.

Feather River College President Kevin Trutna shared the following details:

  • Twenty-one of the graduates are members of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and 76 played athletics during their time at FRC.

    Dr. Thomas Heaney, a history professor, dresses as Captain America with a Civil War hat — his unique way to get students to remember the importance of protecting the constitution. He donned the outfit again for his video message. Photo submitted
  • Forty people are graduating from Feather River College while in prison.
  • Graduates come from throughout California in addition to 10 other states (Nevada with 6; followed by Arizona, Oregon, Texas and Utah with 3; New Mexico with 2; and Florida, Hawaii, Missouri and Montana with 1 graduate each). One graduate is from Australia.
  • Overall, there are 77 male graduates and 125 female graduates. The graduates range in age from 18 to 62.
  • The most popular degree, with 45 people, is the Associate Degree in General Studies for Social & Behavior Sciences. In second place, with 32 graduates, is the Associate Degree for Transfer in Sociology. The Associate Degree in University Studies General Agriculture is third most popular with 24 graduates.
  • The most popular certificate conferred is the CSU General Education Breadth Certificate with 124 students. A Certificate in Economics is second most popular certificate with 15 graduates. The Accounting Certificate is third with 14 students.

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