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That's a long driveway to keep clear, but Graeagle residents Bob and Linda Rutherford have kept up with it. The dog assists. Photo by Linda Rutherford

Graeagle residents share their sentiments on the recent snows

Graeagle residents Bob and Linda Rutherford have been spending their days doing what most of us have been doing: shoveling or snow blowing. They report that their  weather station has measured over 13 feet of snow since the beginning of the year, with 53″ falling over the one week period between Feb. 23 and March 1. All that shoveling inspired Linda to write a poem that she shared with Plumas News. Pretty much sums it up!

Watching snowflakes falling down

Drifting softly to the ground

Now, it is starting to pile

Bringing to my face a smile



We love the changing of  the seasons

Which is one of many reasons

Why we choose to live here now

The where, the when and also how


This is the life that we sought

Drinking a nice beverage, hot

On the fire, one more log

Digging pathways for the dog


The weather person on TV

Getting hopes up, for those who ski

Says further storms, on the way,

Might snow you in another day


Closing down a major highway

There is no alternate byway

Do not take a country back road

GPS is wrong what it showed


I’m tired of this epic snow

Another storm, time to blow

Shoveling it above my head

More piling up, makes me dread


As it’s getting deeper still

Making mountains from a hill

There is nowhere, to put more

Oh, my muscles, they are sore


When the snow plow leaves a berm

Making soft snow very firm

Now it is “Sierra Cement”

Another natural event


Mother Nature’s still in charge

Bringing in these storms so large

To us she is trying to show

Something that we all must know


It’s a Winter wonderland

Truly now, isn’t it grand?

Soon it will all disappear

Looking forward to next year

Here is the pathway that allows their dog to access the backyard. Photo by Linda Rutherford

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