Teresa Crews and Josh Huddleston describe life in Taylorsville as the Edwin and Mary Hosselkus family. Photo by Meg Upton

Grave Occasion proves a lively event

Visitors to the cemetery were particularly enthralled with minister James C. Gentry whose life seemed to be one tragedy after another (played by Paul Russell). Photo by Meg Upton

This year’s Grave Occasion event — the Plumas County Museum’s annual fundraiser — has passed, but was a fun Saturday afternoon for all involved. On Sept. 15, actors from Quincy, Indian Valley and Twain portrayed several prominent inhabitants of the Taylorsville Cemetery.

“Dead” living history enthusiasts trekked to different spots in the cemetery after libations of wine and beer were served — not an easy endurance in the rocky, hilly  cemetery — where they were met by Taylorsville’s more noted early settlers: The Taylors, Hardgraves and Abbey Ford for example.

After the trip around the cemetery, guests were treated to a silent auction and dinner put on by Greenville High School’s culinary class led by Judy Dolphin.

Grave Occasion travels around the county. Next year’s location will be announced soon. Stop by Plumas County Museum and contact Scott Lawson for more details of the next cemetery to be visited.