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The labyrinth one must go through to understand the many intricacies of healthcare policies that are available requires a company like the Rouland Insurance Agency to find the answers to the many questions that arise in finding a personalized policy that’s right for you. From left, Linda and Bob Rouland, with agent Sherry Hunt. Photo by Stacy Fisher

Great rates, great service and peace of mind

Navigating your way through the complicated maze of health insurance policies that are available in the marketplace and deciding which one is best for you can be a bewildering task to say the least.

That’s why your health insurance specialist, Linda Rouland of the Rouland Insurance Agency in Chester, can use her expertise and substantial knowledge to guide you to the right policy that meets your needs and budget.

Linda said she and agency co-owner and husband Bob Rouland have been in business in Chester since 1984. She is licensed for health insurance products throughout California and Nevada.

Bob and Linda, along with fellow experienced agent Sherry Hunt, offer a combined 90-plus years of licensed expertise and knowledge in the ever-changing insurance world.

Besides finding the best, individualized policy for her clients, Linda can help with claims questions, billing questions or any type of service issues. “I’m here locally to help you find that ideal coverage,” Linda vowed.

Premiums are the same whether a client goes through the agency or directly from the insurance company, but she provides that personal service that instills a sense of confidence in the client that he or she is getting what they really need in a policy.

Bob is contracted with Farmers Insurance Group, which offers a good spectrum of personal and business policies, packages and great discounts.

But should someone not qualify for those products then Linda, as an independent broker, can step in to find a competitive policy utilizing many premier companies.

With changes in the law that may affect policies every year, Linda said she, Bob and fellow agent Sherry Hunt undergo extensive continuing education required to stay current.

She stated that they provide individual and group health plans, while specializing in Medicare supplements, prescription plans and Covered California — California’s official health insurance marketplace, where individuals, families and small businesses can get brand-name health insurance, including subsidies for low-income individuals.

As far as the individual market, Linda notes that children can stay on their parents insurance until the age of 26, at which time they would have to find a separate policy for themselves.

Once people reach 65 they become Medicare eligible (or prior to that age if they have a disability for at least 24 months), and can receive a guaranteed policy issued with several potential options during the initial election period, and may also choose a Part D prescription, dental and/or vision plan.

In California, Linda said that the California “Birthday Rule” allows folks who have a Medicare Supplement plan to change to a different plan of equal or lesser benefit 30 days before and after their birthday without being subject to medical underwriting.

This allows people to check in with Linda during this time period, when she can shop your policy and make changes to plans, including changing companies if a plan is found that offers the exact same coverage but has less expensive premiums, which means you’re not locked into one plan for life. “A lot of people aren’t aware of that,” she noted.

Following the Initial Election Period for Medicare Part D (Medicare prescription drug coverage), there is an annual Open Enrollment from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7, when informed assistance is essential, Linda pointed out, adding that her agency is the place to get the right information along with a clear explanation and personal guidance tailored to your specific needs, and with the least money out of pocket.

In addition to healthcare insurance, through their agency they’re also well informed on the numerous insurance policies that are available for your home, auto and recreational vehicles.

“Liability insurance is a financial vehicle to protect your assets and future earnings and to limit your risk,” she said, with discounts offered under an umbrella policy.

Linda said to stop for a moment to reflect on everything you’ve worked hard for your entire life, including your home, your cars and your family’s security.

In today’s society no one is exempt from large liability losses. “Let’s face it, people are growing more willing to sue every day,” she said. “It can happen to anyone.”

That’s why an umbrella policy can be one of the most important insurance pieces for true financial protection.

“Our goal is to invest your money that’s paid for insurance in the most effective areas possible. We are pleased to offer this as well as business needs insurance plans.”

There’s so much to know about healthcare coverage provided by the insurance industry. The labyrinth one must go through to understand the many options available requires a company like the Rouland Insurance Agency to find the answers to the many questions that arise in finding a personalized policy that’s right for you.

That’s why they’ve chosen the slogan: Great rates, great service and peace of mind.

Rouland Insurance Agency

Address: 650 Main St., Chester

Phone: 258-2218; (800) 254-2218

Fax: (530) 258-4223

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Website: agents.farmers.com/ca/chester/charles-rouland

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