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Greenville blood drive Dec. 1 – organizers need 15 more donors to meet goal


Next Wednesday, Dec. 1 between noon and 5:30 p.m., Indian Valley residents and hardy traveling adventurers from outside the valley will come together to donate lifesaving blood, that even time-consuming road delays will not deter! Make an appointment online through Vitalant.com using the Greenville’s ID code 1NGVC or the zip code for Greenville 95947 to find the schedule and sign up. Or you can contact local coordinator Sheri Schwartz (530-280-0495 or [email protected]) to answer questions and make appointments. The drive needs at least 15 more appointments to make the goal. 

As the original Town Hall site burned down, the new site is the cafeteria/multipurpose building between the Greenville High School (at the corner of Grand Street and Highway 89) and Greenville Elementary further along Grand Street.  The small building is between two alleyways between the two schools.

And, if you just can’t bear the road difficulties, please consider giving blood at the Quincy Community Blood Drive on the following Tuesday, Dec. 7 (noon – 6 p.m.) and Wednesday, December 8 (9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.) at the Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Church at 55 Bellamy Lane.  Call Coordinator Susan Christensen at (530-283-2424) if you have any questions or need assistance with an appointment.   There are blood donation centers in Susanville and Reno as well.

Giving blood only takes about an hour and isn’t as scary as it seems.  Cancer patients, accident victims, chronically diseased people, and more rely on us to donate blood.  There is no artificial blood.  Vitalant is the largest non-profit blood center and is found throughout CA and across the nation.  These are not the only reasons you should consider giving blood. Despite the challenges, we know you know you will come to support us one way or another if you are able.






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