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GES fifth-grade student Adelynn Smith, left, earned the Principal’s Recognition Award for her academic excellence and outstanding citizenship during the Nov. 18 online school board meeting. Adelynn’s mother, April Hilpert, was proud to celebrate her daughter’ssuccess. Photo submitted

Greenville Elementary 5th-grader Adelynn Smith earns Principal’s Recognition Award

By Roni Java

Greenville Elementary School (GES) student Adelynn Smith, a fifth-grader, was honored for her outstanding academic performance and excellent citizenship during a Nov. 18 online broadcast of the Plumas Unified School District’s (PUSD) Governing Board of Trustees

Adelynn earned the Principal’s Recognition Award and was congratulated by all five school board members who attended the virtual meeting held by Zoom teleconference.

The trustees were logged in online in their capacity as the Plumas County Office of Education. School Board President Leslie Edlund and Trustees Dave Keller, Joleen Cline, JoDee Read and Traci Holt, clerk of the board, commended the student for her exemplary achievements.

“It’s been really wonderful to see Adelynn grow and become this beautiful young lady,” said GES Principal Traci Cockerill, smiling from her own remote login screen and introducing her student to the board. “She is one of the hardest working students we have at Greenville Elementary School and one of her teachers told me, you know, she does not take the easy way out!”

Cockerill also serves as principal of Greenville Junior-Senior High School, a dual post she has held for several years. As the administrator for both sites, the principal enjoys watching her students blossom insocial skills and reach new heights in their academic accomplishments.

“Sometimes learning is hard,” Cockerill said with appreciation, “but Adelynn truly wants to understand and learn. She asks questions, she keeps working on things and she does not quit.”

The principal further noted that as hard as the fifth-grader works at her studies, and with all the determined effort she shows while working toward her success, Adelynn is also demonstrably kind.

“I think all of our staff at school would agree that we’ve never seen her be mean to other students,” Cockerill said. “Far from it, Adelynn has a heart of gold. She is just very kind and respectful to all students and staff.”

Principal Cockerill concluded her presentation of the distinguished award by complimenting Adelynn’s parents, April and Brian Hilpert, for providing strong family support for their daughter’s studies and school activities.

Unable to bestow an actual hug to the student, nor a virtual one, Cockerill smiled from her screen and said, “Adelynn, we’re happy to honor you tonight, congratulations!”

The Plumas County Unified School District and its County Office of Education enjoy recognizing exceptional pupils who do well academically and also accomplish great things both in and out of school.

The Principal’s Recognition Award honors outstanding students who display the characteristics that PUSD’s governing board promotes in its mission statement and within the vision adopted for Plumas schools and students countywide.

Each school chooses to award a student for demonstrating personal achievement. The honor recognizes students for developing the skills necessary to be self-directed, productive and responsible citizens.

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