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Friday Night Lights were on as were the Greenville Indians team as they defeated Westwood. Photo by Anna Lawson

Greenville enjoys a Friday night of Homecomings

Friday night, October 28, was a big night in Indian Valley—the first homecoming game in a couple of years. The team came together to defeat Westwood 72 to 12.

For GHS the homecoming King was Cane Joseph while the queen was Kali Banks. For IVA the homecoming King was Louis Carmichael and the queen was Morgan Tyler.

The night was also a time to honor long time retired Greenville coach, Otto Brackett.

 As of this writing, the team was waiting to hear if they made the playoffs.

Two schools, two homecoming courts. This one is Greenville High School’s court. Left to right: King Cane Joseph, Queen Kali Banks, Princess Bailey Williams, and Prince Nikko Whitebird. Photo by Anna Lawson
Indian Valley Academy’s homecoming court left to right: Carson Goss, Daisy Neer, Morgan Tyler, and Louis Carmichael. Photo by Anna Lawson
This year’s coaching team with Otto Brackett left to right: Jared Morris, Harvey Merino, and Bob McGill. Photo by Anna Lawson
Long-time and long since retired coach Otto Bracket greets the Greenville Indians on the field. He was honored the evening of October 28. Photo by Anna Lawson

Taylorsville was treated to its first homecoming parade of IVA students. Photo by Karisa Joseph

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