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GJSHS senior Lacie Banchio (third from left) received the Principal’s Recognition Award for her outstanding academic achievements and student leadership during the Nov. 18 online school board meeting. Lacie’s family — shown here from another event —includes sister Shasta and parents Todd and Misty Banchio who all expressed their pride and congratulations, too. Photo submitted

Greenville High’s Lacie Banchio earns top award, joins school board as student representative

By Roni Java

Special to Plumas News

Lacie Banchio, a senior at Greenville Junior-Senior High School (GJSHS), earned the Principal’s Recognition Award before the Plumas Unified School District’s (PUSD) Governing Board of Trustees on Nov. 18.

Logged in online in their capacity as the Plumas County Office of Education, School Board President Leslie Edlund and Trustees Dave Keller, Joleen Cline, JoDee Read and Traci Holt, clerk of the board, congratulated the student for her exemplary achievements and leadership.

Banchio was also sworn in as Greenville’s student representative to the school board for the 2020-21 academic year. Trustee Keller conducted the swearing-in and the board welcomed Lacie during their virtual meeting held via Zoom teleconference.

Greenville High Principal Traci Cockerill presented Lacie with the distinguished Principal’s Recognition Award.

“Lacie Banchio is a senior and she is just a great young lady,” Cockerill told the school board.

The principal explained she has enjoyed getting to know Banchio better in the last several months. Her positive impressions of the student leader have grown as Greenville and other area schools have dealt with the challenges of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

Lacie serves as the ASB Student Body President for GJSHS. In addition to her willingness to take on leadership responsibilities, Cockerill said the student “is a fun personality.”

The principal added, “She’s really come into her own in just the last year and, watching her become a senior, I see that she’s just got this different posture about her. It’s truly amazing.”

Principal Cockerill complimented the Banchio family for being close-knit and supportive. Administrators often acknowledge that support at home leads to success at school.

“Lacie’s a good student,” her principal told the trustees. “She’s been on the honor roll and is on the Dean’s list right now. She’s always been part of student leadership as long as I’ve been here, even when she was in junior high. And now, even with distance learning, she is the driving force behind our ASB and our leadership class. When she takes on a project, she sees it through and she is determined to make Greenville Junior-Senior High School a better place.”

Cockerill further cited Lacie’s success in sports and said she is very active in the rodeo team that represents Greenville and the Indian Valley area. In addition, the principal mentioned that the school and students are “really hoping” that at some point this year, they will get to see Lacie in her final season of basketball, helping to lead the girls basketball team to another championship season.

“So we’re keeping our fingers crossed on that,” Cockerill said, smiling.

Concluding her presentation to the school board, the principal remarked, “Lacie is going to be very successful in what she does in life. We have no doubt about that. So congratulations on receiving this Principal’s Recognition Award, Lacie. Thank you for all that you’re doing for our school this year, and for what you’ve done in the past.”

The Plumas County Unified School District and its County Office of Education enjoy recognizing exceptional pupils who do well academically and also accomplish great things both in and out of school.

The Principal’s Recognition Award honors outstanding students who display the characteristics that PUSD’s governing board promotes in its mission statement and within the vision adopted for Plumas schools and students countywide.

Each school chooses to award a student for demonstrating personal achievement. The honor recognizes students for developing the skills necessary to be self-directed, productive and responsible citizens.





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