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Greenville resident shares nightly update, looks forward to evacuees return

Editor’s Note: Greenville resident and businessman Ken Donnell has been keeping residents and evacuees apprised of what’s happening in Indian Valley. Here is his latest update as of 9 p.m. tonight, July 31.

By Ken KD Donnell

Special to Plumas News


Conditions. visibility improved… 2 miles. Temperature is cool. Winds are light. Power is on.

The wind kicked up this afternoon after being calm until 2 pm. The winds swirled from multiple directions until setting into a north to south direction at 8 to 10 mph.

The wind blew the smoke away so that I got a good view of the fire closest to Greenville just north of Round Valley Lake. For the first time, I could actually see an active fire line from Greenville on the ridge dropping down into Round Valley. The winds appear to have stirred up this fire line a bit, but nothing to worry about. There were no flames visible… just smoke rising through the trees on the ridge line.

We made significant progress today towards getting Musicland set up as a reentry center for fire evacuees. We will have updated information, and resources to help everyone as they return. My experience managing the Miracle City relief center in Chico after the Paradise Camp fire is helping a lot. I suggest everyone come to Musicland ASAP upon return. The first cup of ice cream is free.

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